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Star Thistle - Raw Honey

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Star Thistle honey is a blonde to light amber honey. It has a very mild floral taste and is very sweet. It has a sweet flavor similar to gobstopper candies.

Flavor Profile: Very sweet floral

Use: Sweetener in tea

Location: North Eastern Washington into Idaho

Star Thistle honey, with its light, sweet taste and hint of anise, is a delightful choice for various pairings and recipes. Its gentle flavor profile makes it a versatile ingredient in the culinary world.

Pairings for Star Thistle Honey

  • Cheese: Pair with mild, creamy cheeses like goat cheese or ricotta to create a beautiful balance of flavors.
  • Fruits: Drizzle over fresh fruits such as peaches, nectarines, or berries to enhance their natural sweetness.
  • Baked Goods: Perfect as a sweetener in muffins, pancakes, or bread. Its subtle flavor doesn't overpower baked treats.
  • Teas: Stir into herbal teas, especially those with chamomile or mint, for a soothing and sweet addition.
  • Salads: Use in dressings for green salads, particularly those with nuts or fruit, to add a light, sweet touch.

Simple Recipes with Star Thistle Honey


Star Thistle Honey Lemon Dressing

  • Ingredients: Olive oil, fresh lemon juice, Dijon mustard, salt, pepper, and Star Thistle honey.
  • Method: Whisk together the ingredients for a bright and tangy dressing, perfect for drizzling over fresh salads or roasted vegetables.

Star Thistle Honey Fruit Compote

  • Ingredients: Mixed berries, a splash of water, and Star Thistle honey.
  • Method: Simmer berries with a bit of water and honey until they break down into a sweet compote. This is excellent over yogurt, ice cream, or waffles.

These pairings and recipes celebrate the unique and delicate taste of Star Thistle honey, offering a delightful addition to both simple and sophisticated dishes.

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